AJS – Japan Careers Evening

6th October 2022

The Australia Japan Society Queensland is hosting our annual online Careers Evening.

Come along and listen to our wonderful speakers talking about the careers in and involving Japan, meet professionals from a wide variety of fields and explore the paths less travelled.

Come and listen to people who have learnt Japanese and have successfully utilized the language as part of their careers paths.

With strong trading ties between Japan and Australia, Japanese language skills will provide you with an edge in the workplace. There are so many industries in which Japanese language skills can prove to be a major advantage. Receive some valuable insights from those who have pursued fluency in the language, and utilised their Japanese skills across a number of industries.

A representative from the Consulate – General of Japan will also present information on next year’s JET Programme. The JET program is a Japanese Government initiative, and has provided the platform for hundreds of Queenslanders to work in Japan, and deepen their understanding of Japan.

7PM | online event | registrations required here


Shannon Whiley from the Consulate-General of Japan, Brisbane

Ruth Thomas Eunoia Space

David Shield Shield Interpreting and Translation Services

Julie Yamamoto

Presentations will be followed by a chance to chat with all presenters afterwards.

Japanese internment in Australia during WWII

30th October 2022

Join us at Anzac Square Memorial Galleries with special guest Dr Yuriko Nagata – honorary senior research fellow with the School of Languages and Cultures at University of Queensland – as she discusses the internment of Australian Japanese people during WWII and its consequences.

During World War II, many Japanese people were interned in Australia. The purpose of internment was to identify and detain those who threatened the safety or defence of Australia and allay growing public concerns about a Japanese invasion. Most interns were civilian men, but some women and children were also interned in camps around Australia, often in remote locations.

10:30 am – 11:30 am | Anzac Square Memorial Galleries, Brisbane

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