Yabusame Webinar – Wrap Up

On the 17th March 2023, the Australia-Japan Society Qld hosted the live webinar with “An introduction to Sports Yabusame with Jim Gaynor”.

Jim Gaynor is a local resident of Atherton in Far North Qld and the Director of Sports Yabusame events at Tolga/Atherton Pony Club. He has been working to establish Sports Yabusame locally in Australia by hosting competitions, local exhibitions and coaching at the grassroots level.

The webinar was an excellent introduction to Sports Yabusame, covering themes of the following:

  • the history and costume
  • the history and explanation of the bow and its use
  • description of both the ritual and non-ritual aspects
  • the Shamanic implications of the Shinto Ritual
  • the different roles of history in the East and West

The webinar was very well attended with reputable Sports Yabusame professionals, competitors and amateurs in Australia and Japan, local Japan TV talents, members of the community.

Thank you to all who were involved and attended the event, we look forward to bringing you our next webinar soon!

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