Sports Diplomacy Seminar – Report

13th September, hosted by Clayton Utz

Speakers and attendees appreciated the in-depth discussion of how Sports can take a leading role in diplomacy, using the passion for sport as a means of creating ties in personal, business, education, medical, and many other spheres.

Attention was given to the growing ties in Rugby and Baseball between Japan and Queensland, with discussion of personal experiences of highs and lows, and pathways for development with other sports.

The world will be focusing on Brisbane in the period before the 2032 Olympics and the challenge is to turn this focus into lasting benefits for sports, and the wider community.

Thank you to our speakers and panel members:
Gomakubo Junji – Consul-General of Japan, Brisbane
Caitlin Byrne – Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), Griffith University
Paul Gonzalez – President at Queensland Olympic Council
Philip Mooney – Director of Rugby at Wests Bulldogs Rugby
Ono Asako – Rugby player and Educator
Daniel Millis – Pacific Partnerships – Rugby Australia

Thank you also to our AJS-QLD organisers, Andrew Hay and Julie Yamamoto, and to our hosts, Clayton Utz.

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