David has had a lifelong involvement with Japan. He started to learn Japanese language when he was very young, encouraged by his mother, who was founder of the Japanese program at Lourdes Hill and one of the first Japanese teachers in Queensland.

He studied Japanese at high school and then completed a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language/Asian Studies at Griffith University. After completing a Masters of International Relations at University of Queensland, while working for Flight Centre, David decided to seek work in Japan.

He took a position with Oyama City Council in Tochigi Prefecture and worked in their International Division for 10 years. Here he was responsible for a wide range of duties including: International Relationships (including Oyama’s Sister City relationship with Cairns); assisting foreign business owners in their efforts to develop links with Oyama; and the promotion of English language throughout all levels of education from primary to tertiary.

It was during this time that David also developed extensive Japanese cultural interests. He plays the koto, is an ikebana practitioner, makes kimonos, collects Samurai swords and holds Black Belts in Aikido, Kyudo and Shinkageryu Iaido. It is a long list of interests and demonstrates his passion for Japanese culture.

Finally returning to Brisbane in 2019, David decided to take his Japanese language skills to the next level by completing the Master of Arts in Interpreting and Translation (MAJIT) Simultaneous English/Japanese language course at University of Queensland.

He completed that course in 2020 and has since developed a solid practice in simultaneous interpreting & translation. Because the majority of his work relates to simultaneous business and conference interpreting, a significant portion involves multinational companies based in the northern hemisphere, particularly companies in the US. This means that much of his work is done at unusual hours. David also provides a variety of language services for local Australia companies as well as limited medical related work.

The AJS – QLD welcomes David to his new role as President.

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