Experience the best of Joe Hisaishi with Candlelight.

15th September 2022

The music of many of Studio Ghibli’s fantastic film scores will be performed by a musical trio inside the gorgeous St John’s Cathedral.

If you’re a fan of anime and the wonder of films by Studio Ghibli, then you can’t pass up on this enchanting evening experience at St John’s Cathedral. On the night, the nave will be lit up with hundreds of candles for a magical Candlelight concert featuring the genius of Joe Hisaishi—the man behind all but one of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films.

The show blends the fantastic worlds created at Studio Ghibli with the gorgeous sounds of a musical trio playing flute, cello and harp, all in one truly spectacular setting. Don’t miss out and get your tickets now before they sell out.

6:30PM | $32

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