EAT LOCAL KOBE was established in 2015 to represent a community of organic and small production farmers from within the City of Kobe.

The aim was to unite local farmers and producers directly with their customers and provide a diverse range of fresh local products.

Over the past five years the concept has grown into a thriving market, offering fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, baked goods as well as hand-made condiments, pickles and infusions.

Many of the stall holders represent the growing trend in Japan of young Japanese who are returning to family farms or taking up farming for the first time to pursue a healthier, more natural lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Customers not only have the opportunity to buy fresh produce at the market but can also take classes or participate in farm visits to learn more about the products and processes involved.

In recent years the market has grown to include the EAT LOCAL KOBE CAFE which serves food (made from produce sourced from local stalls) as well as tea, coffee, fresh juices and a variety of brewed drinks and craft beers.

The markets are held weekly in Kobe’s city centre of Sannonomiya and the annual FARM TO FORK FESTIVAL is held in November.


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