AJS Member Elysha Rei features in new exhibition

AJS Member, Elysha Rei , recently had a commissioned artwork open at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre as part of its 60th anniversary exhibition.

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre was established to create a safe space for Japanese Canadians, and to share Japanese culture with all Canadians

Elysha’s work – The Strength in Sixty Sakura – hand-cut in paper,  represents the strength and resilience of the Japanese Canadian community, captured in the history and programming of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Commemorating it’s 60th Anniversary, 60 blossoms adorn these branches, marking each year of education, partnerships, participation and learning at the centre.

Elysha’s pieces feature paper cutting, public art and murals and are created from personal and historical archives embedded with narrative and symbolism within a Japanese design aesthetic.

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