2022 Australia Japan Society of Queensland Careers Evening

On 6 October 2022, the Australia Japan Society of Queensland (AJSQ) held its annual Japan Careers Evening.

The Careers Evening has been delivered by the AJSQ for over two decades with the goal of providing guidance to students of the Japanese language on career pathways. The event has successfully transitioned to an online event enabling attendance from students across Australia and Japan.

With the trading and bilateral ties between Australia and Japan stronger than ever, Japanese language skills can be highly beneficial to professionals. At this year’s Careers Evening, we were privileged to hear from three speakers who shared their journeys in learning the language and their pathway in using their language in practical roles. The speakers also discussed the benefits of how learning the language and living in Japan developed their inter-cultural communication capability.

The AJSQ would like to thank Virginia Schlotterbach (Japanese language teacher), Shannon Whiley (Cultural Affairs Officer, Japanese Consulate General, Brisbane) and David Shield (professional interpreter and translator) for volunteering their time to share their journeys and provide advice to Japanese language students.

The ASJQ remains committed to encouraging the study of the Japanese language and the Careers Evening will take place again in 2023.






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