6th Dec 2021

In this workshop, led by Malina Abaka, you will explore the Japanese custom of Furoshiki, and learn how to fold and knot them yourself

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, which come in many designs and sizes and are used to wrap important items- some wraps even look like baskets, bags or even more complex designs.

Versatile and reusable, Furoshiki is popular in Japan and overseas as an eco-friendly alternative to gift-wrapping, and is a great way to be waste-conscious this Christmas. The Furoshiki will be provided to each participant for the purpose of learning (not to take home sorry!), however Mabina will have various Furoshiki available for purchase on the day.

$40 per person, limited to 10 places

5:30pm – 7pm | artisan | 45 King Street, Bowen Hills

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