Ladies, don’t throw out your 80’s clothes just yet.

There may be a way to upcycle them just like a group of high school girls in Japan has done and gone on to become national superstars as a result. For those who spent time in Japan during the bubbly 80’s – this may bring on some nostalgia.

A recent dance routine compiled by Osaka high school dance troupe Tomioka High School Dance Club, incorporating an old hit song from the 80’s, has become a national sensation. The group of 16 year olds, inspired by 80’s music, nightlife and their mums’ carefully dry cleaned and lovingly stored fashion pieces has captured the hearts of millions. The girls pulled their mums’ best Chanel skirt suits out of the closet, teased up their fringes and the result is so much fun.

Inspired by the song, the girls dressed up in their mums’ coolest 80’s clothing before choreographing the most popular moves from 1985 into their singing and dancing hit video and uploading it to you tube. It has had over one million views. Each time the group appears anywhere they upload the performance.

As a result of this huge success – the girl group from Osaka also appeared on Record Taisho performing the hit along with the original star Oginome Yoko in 2017.

Many other 80’s revival hits have followed for the group. People have found it hard to sit still when hearing these hits again with the quirky fashion and the up-beat rhythms. It has been a huge hit in Japan. If you feel like some nostalgic, toe-tapping fun, there’s a whole range of songs to look at. You won’t be able to stop at one.


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