20 July – 14 September 

Tools are the key to understanding humanity. As a society develops, so too does its use of tools. We’re wholly dependent on them, and use them from each moment to the next.

Whether you’re popping in a nail, stitching up a hole, or just tightening a few bolts, thousands of years of human evolution has gone into what you’re holding. Tools have been a vital part of this human experience.

Kenji Uranshi

Make It: Tools, Technique and Time reveals the tools that six diverse artists use in their practice and how these are utilised in their craft. As well as displaying the artist’s products, this exhibition places the emphasis on the time, tools and techniques that go into each hand-crafted product. Featuring behind the scenes videos that highlight the experience of the artists working in their studios, you will leave with an insight into the processes and the intention behind the making.

artisan is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary craft and design practice for both makers and their audiences.

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