Kobe’s Waterfront Attractions

Each month throughout 2020 the AJS-Q has been celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Brisbane Kobe Sister City Relationship by highlighting aspects of Kobe.

This month we are featuring Kobe’s Waterfront Attractions.

Kobe is an international port city and there is no better way to experience this than to visit the city’s waterfront area. Visitors can walk between the many attractions or access them via stops on the City Loop Bus.

Kobe Harborland is an expansive waterfront development dedicated to shopping, dining and entertainment. Easily identified by its large Mosaic Ferris wheel, the area features two large shopping malls, an Anpanman Children’s Museum, a high-rise hot spring, historic warehouses repurposed for eateries and shops and the expansive Mosaic dining precinct. A number of Mosaic’s restaurants, bars and cafes have wonderful views of the waterfront, Kobe Port Tower and the city’s Maritime Museum with its sail themed roofline. Located within walking distance of Kobe Harborland is Meriken Park. Here visitors can access Kobe Port Tower, the Maritime Museum and a sobering memorial to the Great Hanshin Earthquake that struck Kobe in January 1995. A few minutes walk further along the waterfront is the Kobe City Museum, Kobe Earthquake Memorial Museum and the Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum. A number of large, older European style buildings can also be seen around this area as it served as the commercial hub of Kobe’s Foreign Settlement more than 100 years ago. Known today as the Old Foreign Settlement these historic buildings now house upmarket boutiques and cafes.

Another great way to experience Kobe is from the water. The view looking back at the city skyline etched against the backdrop of Rokko Mountain is spectacular and ranks as one of the best in Japan. Cruise options including lunch or dinner are available. Cruises depart from the pier near Harborland.

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