Members of the AJS-Q  Executive Committee recently joined the Consul-General of Japan, the Mayor of the Gold Coast and other guests at the opening of the 29th JKF Gojukai Australian National Championships and Seminar held at the Gold Coast 4 – 7 April, 2019.

The event, which was held in a former Commonwealth Games facility under the Queensland Government’s Commonwealth Games Legacy Program, attracted 140  Karateka from six countries.

Participants trained and performed under the watchful eyes of the technical committee of the JKF Gojukai Japan including several senior ( 8th dan instructors) from Japan including Mr Seiichi Fujiwara who the AJS-Q hosted in 2018.

The National Championships were an opportunity for grading, training and skills development as the Australian contingent continues to strengthen the relationship with Japan in the lead up to the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

A number of participants were successful in gaining a place to compete in the All Japan Championships in Nagasaki in July 2019.