29 Sep 2021 – 1 Oct 2021

Sustainability, Longevity and Mobility’ – Virtual Conference | The University of Queensland

A series of disastrous catastrophes in 2018 saw summer heat waves, earthquakes, landslides and flooding take the lives of many and disrupt that of others in Japan. The 41 degrees reached in this year was declared a natural disaster by the Japanese government with 30,000 people hospitalised. This ‘new normal’ continued into 2019 where, just as Japan was bracing for its most violent storm in over 60 years, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake rattled many parts of the east coast. During the October storm 6 million people were advised to evacuate due to flooding and the possibility of landslides. In 2021, seismic events continue with a 7.1 magnitude ‘aftershock’ from the 2011 earthquake jolting the Tōhoku region.

The 2021 JSAA Conference will hold all sessions and events online. Only panel submissions will be accepted. A discussion forum to find willing panel co-presenters will be available online here.

Panel sessions will run for 60 minutes with 15 minutes for each presentation and a total of 15 minutes for questions at the end of the panel session.

UQ are also holding a free, online Postgraduate Workshop on 28 September titled “Navigating Asian Studies in a Post-COVID Environment.” Postgraduate students in Asian Studies and Japanese Studies are welcome to join us on the day. To register and learn more, please visit the workshop website.

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