AJSQ Corporate member – ShumiStay Japan –  is offering an opportunity to experience the Japan less-travelled, with a unique adventure holiday in Nagano, the mountainous heart of Japan, for stunning scenery and an in-depth cultural experience.

Over 7 days, from 18th-25 October 2020, and limited to a maximum of 6 participants, the hike follows the historic Shio-no-michi, or Salt Trail, for about 70km stating from  the Sea of Japan, climbing up  a deep river valley to 1,000m along the foot of the North Alps.Some parts of the trail are well preserved, and we will visit historical buildings and museums associated with the trail.

Walking from 6 to 7 hours every day with plenty of time for rests and stopping to look at whatever takes the group’s interest, hikers will carrying only day packs with personal gear and bentos and drinks, with luggage taken by vehicles to our that night’s accommodation.

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