Live Talk | 13th July 2022

Get up close and personal with the intricate detail of Chiharu Shiota’s awe-inspiring installations, in this after-hours Gallery experience.

Join QAGOMA Staff for an exclusive behind the scenes talk about the technical mastery of Chiharu Shiota’s ‘The Soul Trembles’, held in the heart of the exhibition.


  • Amanda Buxton (Assistant Registrar, QAGOMA)
  • Chris Booth (Installation Coordinator, QAGOMA)
  • Grace Liu (Exhibition Designer, QAGOMA)
  • Members from QAGOMA’s Conservation team
  • Reuben Keehan (Curator, Contemporary Asian Art, QAGOMA)

ART | 5.30 – 6.30pm | ‘Chiharu Shiota: The Soul Trembles‘ (Level 1, GOMA)

TALK: 1 MILLION THREADS | 6.30 – 7.30pm (River Room, GOMA)

Bookings essential / Tickets: $32 General admission, $25 QAGOMA Members (Valid QAGOMA Member or Foundation Card required) / Wheelchair accessible

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