From March 2020, we will postpone the person-to-person gatherings for the Group.

The group now uses an online conference call facility to maintain the regular Thu afternoon Study Group sessions.

For those not already on the email database for updates re upcoming get-togethers – both online and IRL – please feel free to let us know your preferred email address for updates at

The AJS Qld maintains a regular study group, which meets each Thursday at The Edge, State Library of Queensland.

Time: 1700-1800

The Edge is a great space – the group usually books one of the Window Bays overlooking the Brisbane River, providing a scenic, secure and quiet area to get-together.

What we study

  • The group generally discusses topics outlined in study notes that are sent out by email in the week before the group meets.
  • Members of the group receive the text notes (and accompanying audio if required), and then turn up to discuss those notes.
  • Generally, audio of the study notes is played first, followed by reading of the accompanying study notes – followed by discussion of the topics outlined.
  • Members can choose to just listen to the conversation or fully participate in the group conversation if they feel comfortable enough to do so.

Who can come?

The group is open to any individuals – either Japanese or Australian ( or other!) who wish to get-together for regular, organised sessions where the focus is on discussing Japan-related topics – in Japanese.

Japanese speakers of all levels are welcome, but to be able to participate fully in the group’s meetings, it would probably suit those who are fairly comfortable conversing freely in the Japanese language.

Coming along

To join the group, please just send your email details to

We will then add your email to our email database and each week – usually on the weekend before the group meets – an email is then sent to everyone in the group with the readings for the coming week.

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