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Enewsletter- February 2021

Japanese Sign Language Workshop for World Hearing Day

Japanese Sign Language Workshop for World Hearing Day
13th March 2020

A unique opportunity to learn Japanese Sign Language and learn about Japanese Deaf culture. Guest Speaker: Ms. Chikako Hara

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BrisAsia Festival 2021

BrisAsia Festival 2021
1-28 February 2021

Celebrate Asian culture with our BrisAsia Festival from 1-28 February 2021.

From the city to the suburbs, see an array of diverse live entertainment, outdoor activity as well as healthy and active events.

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Oi Izakaya  - Burleigh Heads

Oi Izakaya  - Burleigh Heads
It’s no surprise that this place has become a favourite with locals and the GC holiday crowd.

Great food, served by obliging, friendly staff in what feels like a little corner of Japan........ it ticks all the boxes.

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Kobe/Kansai Hydrogen Hub

Kobe/Kansai Hydrogen Hub
Kobe, Brisbane’s Sister City, continues to develop as a major hydrogen hub in Japan.

Recent developments include the establishment in September 2020 of the Kobe Kansai Hydrogen Utilisation Council comprising 11 companies involved in hydrogen related projects.

They include: The Electric Power Development Co. Ltd., ENEOS Corporation, Iwatani Corporation, The Kansai Electric Power Company Inc., Kawasaki Heavy industries Ltd., Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Kobe Steel, Marubeni Corporation, Mitsubishi Power, Obayashi Corporation and Shell Japan Ltd.
In late 2020 Kawasaki Heavy Industries announced the completion of Kobe LH2 Terminal (Hy touch Kobe), the world’s first liquefied hydrogen receiving terminal. Operational testing has started at the facility.

Also in late 2020 was the launching of the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier The Suiso Frontier. The carrier is to be used for technology demonstration testing with the aim of establishing an international hydrogen energy supply chain with Australian liquefied hydrogen being shipped to Japan.

Tomioka Dance Club  

Tomioka Dance Club  
Ladies, don’t throw out your 80’s clothes just yet.

There may be a way to upcycle them just like a group of high school girls in Japan has done and gone on to become national superstars as a result. For those who spent time in Japan during the bubbly 80’s – this may bring on some nostalgia.
A recent dance routine compiled by Osaka high school dance troupe Tomioka High School Dance Club, incorporating an old hit song from the 80’s, has become a national sensation.

The group of 16 year olds, inspired by 80’s music, nightlife and their mums’ carefully dry cleaned and lovingly stored fashion pieces has captured the hearts of millions. The girls pulled their mums’ best Chanel skirt suits out of the closet, teased up their fringes and the result is so much fun.

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Japan Holidays - Haiku competition

Japan Holidays - Haiku competition

Japan Holidays – Haiku competition

AJSQ Corporate Member is running a Haiku competition to 28th Feb 2021 – with the prize of a free wi-fi device for 30 days your next Japan Holiday.

Haiku is a form of poetry originally from Japan, which traditionally consists of 17 syllables in 3 lines. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables and the third line 5 syllables again. Haiku written in Japanese do have some other rules but the most basic is that the Haiku should contain a seasonal reference or kigo. However, English-language haiku vary widely on how closely they follow these traditional elements.
For the purposes of this competition, Japan Holidays ask that you write 3 lines containing 17 syllables with a seasonal reference. The following is an example:
Plum Blossoms Blooming
Daydream Travelling Japan
COVID Crushing Dreams

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Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke Exhibition Tour

Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke Exhibition Tour
12 Feb – March 14, 2021

Enjoy contemporary wooden netsuke in Australia with a touring exhibition by The Japan Foundation.

As kimono culture flourished during the Edo period (1603-1868), netsuke, small carvings, were created as toggles to hold pouches and cases containing tobacco and medicine in place on the obi sash worn with the kimono. What began as functional pieces to prevent those little suspended containers from falling to the ground evolved into small but highly creative carvings. Today, classic netsuke have gained international acclaim as remarkably detailed carvings.

Contemporary netsuke incorporating new subject matter and approaches have also been attracting attention. This traveling exhibition showcases contemporary netsuke carved of wood by living netsuke carvers in Japan, plus netsuke created by contemporary artists such as Izumi Kato. It also includes wooden netsuke that visitors may touch. Through this exhibition, visitors will appreciate the sophisticated skills and playful minds behind contemporary netsuke as well as its formal beauty and contemporaneity.

Caloundra Regional Gallery | Free

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AJS Japanese Study Group | online

AJS Japanese Study Group | now moved online!
From March 2020, the person-to-person gatherings for the Group were cancelled.

The group now uses an online conference call facility to maintain the regular Thu afternoon Study Group sessions.

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